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Solve the specific challenges of an ever-changing IT landscape with our data protection technology.
Modular Infrastructure 

Modular Infrastructure (MI) solutions optimize IT infrastructure for traditional, new and 
emerging workloads and provide a path to a modern, software-defined data centre.
PowerEdge MX 

PowerEdge MX delivers industry-leading backplane-free design and scalable matrix architecture to support new processor technologies, new storage types and new communications innovations in the future.
PowerEdge FX Series

Manage IT transformation with PowerEdge FX architecture to quickly scale workloads while gradually increasing resources with efficient chassis management.
PowerEdge VRTX

The PowerEdge VRTX modular infrastructure solution offers "under your desk" dimensions, ease of operation and quiet acoustics, so you can work seamlessly.
Tower Servers

Tower servers enable you to connect and manage a growing business, works reliably, is easy to manage and provides growth.

Rack Servers

Dell PowerEdge rack servers range from entry-level models to high-performance enterprise servers, all designed to deliver high performance in small spaces.

Industrial Grade Servers

Industrial servers and storage include multiple server racks and custom servers for reliability, capacity expansion and ease of deployment.

Ready Nodes

Ready Nodes are preconfigured and proven building blocks that can reduce deployment risks, increase storage efficiency, and allow you to quickly and easily scale storage as needed.

System Management Software
Systems management is the corporate administration of IT systems. It includes a wide range of tasks covering various operating systems, applications and infrastructure.
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Dell servers are available in stock
PowerEdge R250
PowerEdge R6515
PowerEdge R640
PowerEdge R760
PowerEdge R740xd
PowerEdge R740xd2
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