BrandComputers LLC is your go-to solutions provider in Armenia, offering an extensive range of services tailored to meet your technological needs. Our offerings encompass server equipment, data storage solutions, network hardware, data center services, information security, hyper-converged infrastructure, cloud products, application software, workplace solutions, and virtualization software. We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that support your business's growth and efficiency.

Our selection encompasses scalable x86 servers, ARM and RISC-based solutions, and GPU-accelerated servers for artificial intelligence, designed to meet the high demands for performance, reliability, and advanced computing needs.

Our portfolio includes top-tier data storage and accessibility solutions, from SAN-based networks and disaster-resilient clusters to hybrid cloud object storage and comprehensive backup systems, focusing on high-speed data processing and cost-efficient, secure IT infrastructure.

Brand Computers LLC offers leading network solutions to design high-performance networks from campus to data center scale. Enhance your IT infrastructure for digital transformation with top technology.


Brand Computers LLC delivers top-tier data center solutions, from planning to support, for spaces ranging from offices to stadiums. Our focus includes wireless security, seamless roaming, business analytics, and cloud integration.

Comprehensive information security solutions are available, spanning secure access, uninterrupted operations, and advanced protection methods including Zero Trust, cloud analytics, and AI for emerging threats. The portfolio includes global leaders in cybersecurity, designed to enhance any IT infrastructure's security posture.

Hyperconvergence combines computing, storage, and networking into a single system. Brand Computers LLC delivers top hyperconverged solutions with expert support.

Brand Computers LLC offers leading cloud solutions, including infrastructure setup, data storage, and security services, tailored for diverse business needs.

We offer a broad selection of top-tier software solutions designed to enhance business efficiency, focusing on remote work, process automation, and improving team collaboration.

Brand Computers LLC equips businesses with high-quality IT solutions, including laptops, desktops, and peripherals, to boost efficiency, security, and remote work capabilities.

We offers cutting-edge virtualization software solutions that empower businesses to maximize their IT efficiency and scalability. By enabling multiple virtual environments on a single physical hardware, our software not only reduces costs but also enhances system utilization and simplifies management processes. Ideal for server consolidation, improved business continuity, and streamlined operations, Brand Computers LLC's virtualization tools are designed to support your enterprise's growth by optimizing resource deployment and operational flexibility.